Patterns on Patterns – Women’s Fashion

Mixing patterns and prints can be quite the leap of faith. But it is not something that has to be feared of and here are some ways you can rock it while your sport it!

The Color Palette

If you are focusing on achieving the visual balance you need to make sure the print-clashing relies on the colour palette. An easy way to mix prints is to match a lighter print with a darker print. Mixing Patterns isn’t making sure the prints match instead it’s about the colour of the prints. If the patterns need to match, colour is an important factor. So, when you are scanning your closet for prints that could be well put together, keep in mind about how the colours should complement each other. It’s not that hard to achieve the perfect colour- print combination.

Combining Silhouettes

You should know that when it comes to prints, it’s not just colour that makes a difference but also the garment they’re rendered on. When planning on mixing the patterns make sure you focus on the silhouette. This is to make sure these don’t undermine the graphics you want to show off. It is always better to keep it simple and classic and let the print-mixing do the talking. If you want some prints which won’t fail you, you could go for midi skirts, clean off-the-shoulder top or pixie pants. Remember to leave the more eye-catching shapes for a more monochromatic outfit kind of day.

Same Family Prints- Go for It!

When you think of mixed prints, you might immediately think it’s okay to go ahead and get two entirely different patterns. While this is okay to do, it is always good to stick to a single theme or family. An example is mixing tiny detailed florals with bigger ones. It is also an excellent choice to mix different paisley colours and patterns and put them both together as a look.

Have Fun!

Don’t take mixing prints too seriously. If you feel weird and ridiculous, that’s precisely the point. Just because you’ve reached for the loudest print from your collection doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pair it with solids or neutrals. If anything, it’s an opportunity to have fun and creatively express yourself. It’s all about being comfortable with what you’ve put together. You can surprise yourself while mixing prints. When you think in terms of formula; it takes away the fun and the chance for something great to happen.

Keep the Classics in Handy

Looking like an uncoordinated mess is a part of mixing prints. But if you’re looking for safe prints to wear together, leopard and stripes print, polka dot and leopard print are good choices. Leopard print is basically neutral in the print-mixing world. Look through your moms or grandmas closet for some classy collections which you can use to mix and match it with your own collection.

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