Most Popular Podcast Formats: Which One’s Right for You?

While there are people in today’s world who have managed to make a name in the field of the podcast not all have such luck, as this requires a lot of hard work and time to react to such a stage where they are.

One of the essential factors when it comes to podcasting is the various forms of formats it has and which have to be carefully chosen if a person is to truly excel in it. Not many people truly go into the various formats of podcasts as either they might be good at one of them due to experience or it’s just in their nature. It is always good to experiment with the various formats of podcasting at the initial stage as this can help a person find their form of format which can not only get their show in the right path but it can also help them by not making a huge mistake in their life. So if you feel that you are 100% ready and have the stability to start your own podcast show then check out the following various formats to find the right form of the podcast format.



If there is one thing which gets a listener all hyped up to listen a podcast is when interviews take place on it. It is one of the most classic methods of podcasting as it generally features a host and a new guest every single episode. Generally, even the listeners are allowed to call in and ask the guests various questions related to their field of expertise or even the current affairs to know what their opinion is on them. The best way to ensure that the show is a success is by merely making sure that all the people on the podcast have something or the other which can be related to all easily, like a common thread that binds all.



While there many podcasts out there which speak about the day to day things going on around the world and even in their life, there are some people who love travelling around the world and then expressing their experiences for the mass listeners on their podcasts. From places where they bought their great Disney World vacation shirts to the places where they just fell in love with the view of food, they cover everything on these podcasts. One of the reasons why these podcasts have a huge listenership is because people can get the experience of them at those exotic destinations just by hearing the host express it in their audio format.

Educational Shows

If we compare education podcast shows to any other form of show on this list then it can be clearly seen that these shows are much more structured and generally have multiple hosts who educate the mass about various things. Usually the educational shows have some form of lesson from which the listeners can learn and the topics vary every week, thus catering to a vast majority of audience. This form of learning method has been found to be extremely helpful in many studies as people tend to remember what they hear for a longer period of time compared to what they see visually.


Controversial gossips

If there is one form of podcast which is the most heard among all the other forms of podcasts then it’s undoubtedly the controversial gossips. These podcasts usually have one or more people, and this factor is completely based on the type of controversy which is being spoken about. The topic of the discussion could range anywhere from politics to all the way what the celebrities have been doing on a daily basis.


To say which one might be the best for you all depends on your liking and thinking as not every person is an expert in everything in life. Hence if you wish to truly find the right form of podcast for yourself try experimenting and see which is the place where you can fit in perfectly.

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