Covergirl & Pantene SMM Beauty Backstage

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I had the chance to penetrate the scenes Beauty Martin Lim and Travis Taddeo during the final day of the Fashion Week in Montreal and I wanted to take you with me in this “behind the scenes” of beauty (that is the case of saying hoho) .

The models have backstage appointments to prepare their look several hours before the parade, the walls are filled with inspirational moodbord and the team of make-up artists and hairdressers from Covergirl and Pantene are busy working on the looks they have beauty imagined several days in advance during a meeting with the designer. The atmosphere is electric just minutes from the parade.

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Toronto Beaches

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East of Toronto, a small quiet corner away from the bustle of the city (well I guess in summer we must walk on towels) where I could see myself running in the morning before to go to work. Besides, is not it the ultimate kiffe to say “I live on the beach”?

With Sophie and Marie we went on expedition to the Beaches with the idea of ​​breakfast peinardo on the beach … Loupé. The seagull (and the wasp later) were right to us, we “repackaged it is weighed” all that and we are going to stand on a bench. Fail number 2 since the same gull followed us. I swear. The most seagull seagull in the history of the seagull, little hunting in the soul the seagull. When my sister told me she was probably going to chop my scone on the fly I decided to squeeze my camp rapido. Must say that I have a whole  history with seagulls  trying to steal my lunch. It is not she who will ensure the survival of the species anyway I can tell you.

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