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Keeping yourself up-to-date with fashion trends is really cool- you get to experiment with style statements that are trending all over the world. And who doesn’t love to dress up and look just great? After all, girls are all about sweet, spice and something nice, isn’t it? 
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The main focus of detox tea is to get rid of all the toxins from the body. There are many detox program which is coming up with schemes which can help them attain better results and have bold claims but, are these detox teas effective? In this article, we are going to be discussing the hidden dangers of these detox teas and diets.

How do the detox teas work?

Detox tea has several ingredients which might seem harmless and helps in improving your digestive system. Detox teas generally contain herbal laxative called senna, which taken in large quantities can cause diarrhea. These laxative taken in large quantities can be very deadly as it may dehydrate your body and long term exposure can lead to your body not being able to properly take in nutrients which can be deadly.

The dangers of detox teas

These detox teas contain laxatives which might relive bloated tummy but also drain your stomach out of the food and fluids which lead to severe dehydration and also in extreme situations can cause eating disorder.

The truth about detox

People are immediately drawn to anything that says detox, but people forget that your liver helps in detoxifying your body detox might help ease the work of the liver, but the process is much more tedious for the liver. As it helps break down fats, stabilize blood sugar, etc. It is easy to fall for a detox program, but many detox program does more harm than good and if you have fallen for the scam it is better that you give your gut some time to recover by drinking less caffeinated drinks and more water. Also, before buying it is important that you check for the ingredients list to make sure that you are not intolerant towards certain ingredients.

The best detox solution

Detox tea is not always bad as there are teas which have been proven to be better for health if you consume it in the right quantity you can easily stay fit with the help of regular exercise such as red teas which is all-natural and is made to help in all-natural ingredients which are very open their ingredients. There are many red tea detox review to help you in the process of getting yourself the right detox.

What to do during the detox program to ensure maximum benefit

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Do not eat large meals
  • Exercise moderately
  • Lead an overall healthy lifestyle
  • If you have any doubts regarding the detox program, get advice from a dietician or a medical professional.
  • Try to get dependent on these detox as they are good for quick and temporary weight loss, but for lasting effect, one has to work out.

Most Popular Podcast Formats: Which One’s Right for You?

While there are people in today’s world who have managed to make a name in the field of the podcast not all have such luck, as this requires a lot of hard work and time to react to such a stage where they are.

One of the essential factors when it comes to podcasting is the various forms of formats it has and which have to be carefully chosen if a person is to truly excel in it. Not many people truly go into the various formats of podcasts as either they might be good at one of them due to experience or it’s just in their nature. It is always good to experiment with the various formats of podcasting at the initial stage as this can help a person find their form of format which can not only get their show in the right path but it can also help them by not making a huge mistake in their life. So if you feel that you are 100% ready and have the stability to start your own podcast show then check out the following various formats to find the right form of the podcast format.



If there is one thing which gets a listener all hyped up to listen a podcast is when interviews take place on it. It is one of the most classic methods of podcasting as it generally features a host and a new guest every single episode. Generally, even the listeners are allowed to call in and ask the guests various questions related to their field of expertise or even the current affairs to know what their opinion is on them. The best way to ensure that the show is a success is by merely making sure that all the people on the podcast have something or the other which can be related to all easily, like a common thread that binds all.



While there many podcasts out there which speak about the day to day things going on around the world and even in their life, there are some people who love travelling around the world and then expressing their experiences for the mass listeners on their podcasts. From places where they bought their great Disney World vacation shirts to the places where they just fell in love with the view of food, they cover everything on these podcasts. One of the reasons why these podcasts have a huge listenership is because people can get the experience of them at those exotic destinations just by hearing the host express it in their audio format.

Educational Shows

If we compare education podcast shows to any other form of show on this list then it can be clearly seen that these shows are much more structured and generally have multiple hosts who educate the mass about various things. Usually the educational shows have some form of lesson from which the listeners can learn and the topics vary every week, thus catering to a vast majority of audience. This form of learning method has been found to be extremely helpful in many studies as people tend to remember what they hear for a longer period of time compared to what they see visually.


Controversial gossips

If there is one form of podcast which is the most heard among all the other forms of podcasts then it’s undoubtedly the controversial gossips. These podcasts usually have one or more people, and this factor is completely based on the type of controversy which is being spoken about. The topic of the discussion could range anywhere from politics to all the way what the celebrities have been doing on a daily basis.


To say which one might be the best for you all depends on your liking and thinking as not every person is an expert in everything in life. Hence if you wish to truly find the right form of podcast for yourself try experimenting and see which is the place where you can fit in perfectly.

Advantages Of Using Kratom

There have been a lot of speculations about kratom and its advantages. The perception of the predominant population is that kratom is a drug that has a lot of negative effects on one’s health. Jumping into conclusions without proper knowledge is a very common thing in the human race, and that is exactly what is happening when it comes to kratom.

The truth is that kratom has a lot of advantages and contributes a lot to the individual’s health if used properly. It has a lot to offer than you can imagine. In this article, we will see in detail the advantages of kratom.

Energy Boost

Today we are seeing a lot of advertisements for energy drinks that give an instant energy boost.  Some seem to work, and many energy drinks in the market do not do anything. Most of the energy drinks have a lot of chemicals that is creating the effect. On the contrary, the energy boost that kratom powder and leaf products give in purely from natural ingredients. It does not have any kind of side effects.

Pain killer

Kratom if taken in a mild dose acts as a great pain killer. If it exceeds a certain level, it starts to act as analgesic. The effect of the kratom as a pain killer can last up to six hours. Now kratom is being used for many purposes. But in the beginning, the only use of kratom was to reduce the pain. Not just for a pain killer, the generally the dosage of kratom plays a very important role while using it.

Improves cognitive functions

The most important psychological benefit of using kratom is the improvement of the cognitive functions. You can witness that there is a significant difference in your mental functions after using kratom. It accelerates the thinking process, and there is a considerable amount of positive impact on cognitive functions. Some people actually recommend using kratom if your work demands more concentration.

Stress reduction

In this hectic world, stress has become one of the most common things, especially among working youngsters. People tend to depend on some unhealthy methods to reduce their stress levels. Rather than spoiling your by opting for those methods, it is better to opt for natural methods that do not have any side effects. The easiest and the simplest way to reduce stress is kratom consumption. It stimulates the endorphins and serotonin production which relaxes the brain.

Anxiety reduction

Anxiety is one of the most dangerous physiological issues. The anxiety levels are reduced when the kratom interacts with opiate receptors. Kratom also has the ability to regulate the blood flow to the brain. The rush of blood to the brain is the most important reason for anxiety attacks. When it comes to anxiety, there are a lot of things that accompany it. They are nausea, cramping and shaking. Consumption of kratom also controls these issues.

Interesting Facts About Wedding Bands

Wedding Bands

As your wedding day approaches, the big question you need to know is the right selection of the Mens Wedding Bands and the ring for the bride that should be according to the tastes and preferences of your life partner. It is the time when your heart pounds harder than before as you have finally decided to settle down with the person of your dream. But you will need know the interesting facts about wedding bands so that you will enjoy the moment when you promise to spend your time with the love of your life. There are a lot of details that you will need to consider before selecting the most appropriate wedding band as it should complement the style, taste and personality of your partner.

This is a piece of jewelry that will have immense value in terms of monetary value and emotional value that is attached to the most beautiful day of your life. While gifting this band, you can whisper the sweet nothings into the ears of each other while you cherish each moment of togetherness and love when you are starting a new life together. rings

 Interesting facts about wedding bands

-The use of these wedding bands dates back to the ancient times and it was Egypt where the use of this piece of jewelry was first documented.

-It shows the love, commitment and affection between the partners as they decide to spend life with each other together.

-It is an important part of the wedding ceremonies even in the present times as the wedding bands are still relevant in the modern culture.

-It signifies the commitment of the sacred relationship that exists between partners as it is one of the most important jewelry of the wedding season.

-Wedding bands are considered as an integral part of the traditional culture as it has its roots throughout the different countries of the world.   -These rings are not very relevant in the Indian cultures because here the bride are asked to wear the rings in their toe finger that signifies that she is married.

-In the ancient times, the name of the bride and groom was engraved in the wedding bands as it was considered to be a sign of eternal love and commitment.

-It is important for both the bride and the groom to wear the wedding band on a daily basis as it shows their love and trust for their partners.

bride and the groom

-Precious metals are used for making the wedding bands and some are even engraved with diamonds and other gemstones that signify the wealth of the bride and groom.

-According to the Romans, the veins of love are located in the fourth finger of the hand and it is the place where the ring is worn so that it is directly connected to the heart.

-There are different designs, styles and looks of the wedding bands that were used in the ancient times and it is evolving even now as there are a lot of innovations to the wedding bands till the present times.

Patterns on Patterns – Women’s Fashion

Mixing patterns and prints can be quite the leap of faith. But it is not something that has to be feared of and here are some ways you can rock it while your sport it!

The Color Palette

If you are focusing on achieving the visual balance you need to make sure the print-clashing relies on the colour palette. An easy way to mix prints is to match a lighter print with a darker print. Mixing Patterns isn’t making sure the prints match instead it’s about the colour of the prints. If the patterns need to match, colour is an important factor. So, when you are scanning your closet for prints that could be well put together, keep in mind about how the colours should complement each other. It’s not that hard to achieve the perfect colour- print combination.

Combining Silhouettes

You should know that when it comes to prints, it’s not just colour that makes a difference but also the garment they’re rendered on. When planning on mixing the patterns make sure you focus on the silhouette. This is to make sure these don’t undermine the graphics you want to show off. It is always better to keep it simple and classic and let the print-mixing do the talking. If you want some prints which won’t fail you, you could go for midi skirts, clean off-the-shoulder top or pixie pants. Remember to leave the more eye-catching shapes for a more monochromatic outfit kind of day.

Same Family Prints- Go for It!

When you think of mixed prints, you might immediately think it’s okay to go ahead and get two entirely different patterns. While this is okay to do, it is always good to stick to a single theme or family. An example is mixing tiny detailed florals with bigger ones. It is also an excellent choice to mix different paisley colours and patterns and put them both together as a look.

Have Fun!

Don’t take mixing prints too seriously. If you feel weird and ridiculous, that’s precisely the point. Just because you’ve reached for the loudest print from your collection doesn’t necessarily mean you have to pair it with solids or neutrals. If anything, it’s an opportunity to have fun and creatively express yourself. It’s all about being comfortable with what you’ve put together. You can surprise yourself while mixing prints. When you think in terms of formula; it takes away the fun and the chance for something great to happen.

Keep the Classics in Handy

Looking like an uncoordinated mess is a part of mixing prints. But if you’re looking for safe prints to wear together, leopard and stripes print, polka dot and leopard print are good choices. Leopard print is basically neutral in the print-mixing world. Look through your moms or grandmas closet for some classy collections which you can use to mix and match it with your own collection.

Beauty Tips for Gorgeous Skin and Hair

Maintaining a clear skin and a silky smooth hair is a tough and expensive affair, especially with the products that are being made. It seems like there is no room for home remedies today. In this article, we’ll show you how to get good hair and clear skin without spending a million bucks at your nearest beauty salon.

Papaya treatment

If you have dull and dry skin, massaging it with papaya will help while also making an oat and honey scrub that’s mixed with a bit of cold milk followed by a cold milk and water wash.

Dealing with curly hair

Curly hair can be treated with lemon and water. Slice a lemon into two and boil water with the lemons in it. Boil until it is reduced to half. Use a spray bottle and to apply the solution to your hair. Your hair will regain its natural shine while also being free and bouncy.

Rosemary dye

Mixing rosemary and 2 teaspoons of black tea is a great way to deal with thinning hair that has a brown hint. Take a few rosemary bits; boil with hot water and 2 teaspoons of black tea until it is reduced to half. Before applying, mix a quarter of shampoo with the solution. You’ll see the difference after letting the shampoo and solution mixture sit for 15 minutes.

Yoghurt Treatment

If you have dull and oily skin, massage the skin with iced yoghurt with sprinkled sugar. Take an orange and cut it in half. Use the halves to gently scrub the skin followed by an ice water face wash.

Smooth back

If you are someone who likes wearing a low back blouse, mix a cup of salt with half a cup of olive oil. To this mixture, add 4-5 drops of sandalwood oil. After mixing well, apply to the part of your body that needs a smooth texture followed by a wet towel wipe. This will save you a lot of money and time from paying for a body scrub in a salon.

Homely facelift

After an ice water face wash, take a teaspoon of honey and rub it gently on your face. Take a couple of eggs and beat the whites until they are puffy. Apply this to your skin and let it dry. You know if you have done this right if you feel your skin stretch. After you’re done, wash it off with cold water.